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Gởi lúc 19/07/2017

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Vị trí: Look Dev Artist Recruitment
Ngành nghề: Thiết kế 3D
Địa điểm: Hồ Chí Minh
Mức lương: Thoả thuận theo năng lực
Độ tuổi: 22 - 35
Giới tính: Nam
Loại hình: Tự do
Hạn chót hồ sơ: 31/07/2017
Yêu cầu cụ thể
Trình độ không ghi
Kinh nghiệm 1-2 năm
Mô tả công việc - Look Dev Artist:
 The Look Dev Artist must assume responsibility for delivering Look Dev work for the film, and more in detail:
 Discuss the creative/look brief and on-set references from the VFX Supervisor and Director with the leads and TD/layout artists.
 Setting up multi-lights and AOVs.
 Make sure render-times are optimized and managed accordingly to the brief by the CG-Supervisor. Help determine the broad technical and creative approach for the project, in conjunction with the CG/VFX-supervisor.
 Discuss texture requirements with the 3D/Texture-lead, provide an accurate brief to the Texture Lead/Artists. Follow up with any (texturing) issues that may arise with the assigned assets. Overcome technical issues (day to day problem solving), in conjunction with the TD’s and the CG/VFX-Supervisor.
 When required, provide accurate time estimates for Lookdev tasks that will get assigned to you or other members of the team and check these with the VFX-Coordinator.
 Receive creative feedback from the VFX/CG Supervisor and Director. Translate these notes into necessary model, texture and/or lookdev adjustments. Ensure the notes get addressed and communicated with the coordinator in the most efficient and timely manner.
 Communicate well with all members of the Look Dev, Lighting, Production and Supervision teams.
 Work with the team, as required, to maintain shot and scene continuity; as well as, support other departments (Modeling, Texturing, etc...) to ensure information is communicated up and down the pipeline in conjunction with production.
Kỹ năng yêu cầu  Experience in photo-realistic rendering.
 Senior knowledge of Vray or MentalRay or Arnold.
 Strong knowledge in Maya or 3ds Max, Photoshop, Mari and a variety of rendering technologies.
 Strong knowledge of shading, global illumination & raytracing techniques is a must.
Thông tin khác Benefit:
Lương + year bonus
BHXH, BHYT đầy đủ theo quy định của pháp luật
Xem xét tăng lương 6 tháng/lần
Nhà tuyển dụng
BlueR Production
Liên hệ: Jeff Nguyễn
Địa chỉ: 20 Cộng Hòa, Ward 12, Tân Bình District
Thành phố: Ho Chi Minh City
Quốc gia: Vietnam
Điện thoại: (+84) 8-38-117722
Website: [link]
E-mail: hr@bluerproduction.com
Zider: bluer
BlueR Production is a leading full-service production team in Vietnam. We specialize in 3D/VFX, Digital Imaging, Brand Identity and Audio Production

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