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Those bracelets in the photo are mine.
Each one has its own story that i can never forget ^^.

One of the most lovely story that i 'm going to tell u guys is about the bracelet which i bought in Ho Chi Minh city. It was my first time in Ho Chi Minh city so I was really really excited about every strange things in this city. Everyone there were so kind n sweet, not like people in Hanoi. Yup,.....Because Hochiminh city's residents were nicer and more friendly than Hanoians, I couldn't be aware of danger when making friend with some nicest- people- in- the- world T.T. So stupid was I that I was cheated out of all money and cell phone. Poor me! I even couldn't remember the way to come back to my acquaintance's house.
...n when i was so scared, my hero jumped out of nowhere )... came to help me unconditionally. Not only did he take me to my acquaintance's house safely, but he also became my best tour guide in the next day unconditionally again . ^^ Moreover, In the last day that I was there, he took me to the market for buying souvenirs before my flight. I greatly appreciated his kindness so that I bought two bracelets with different size and gave the big one for him. I kept the other one.... ^^. U know, the funniest thing is that he is not Hochiminh city's resident )... The best guy on this planet ) He's from Hanoi like me, and he went to this city for learning Technology.....

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  1. kissrain
    kissrain 07-04-2011, 07:15 PM
    mình thích tông màu của bạn ^^
    sierra đã thích
  2. binpinpin
    binpinpin 07-04-2011, 10:46 AM
    Cái này chơi tone màu cổ xưa, nâu đỏ thì hay hơn
    sierra đã thích